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STUDIO OINK is responsible for the look of this modern apartment. This design studio, based in Germany, is specialized in creating customized concepts for high quality interior design, set design and styling for film and photo productions and for digital and print magazines. Apart from customized interior design the Studio also helps with choosing good and suitable art and design objects for your home by constantly keeping an eye on the art scene, the market and new design trends. I do love the art work in this apartment, the style and colors work really well with the space and decor.



butterflies by catherine swan

These beautiful butterflies are made by Australian artist Catherine Swan. Hand cut from vintage magazines, Catherine’s paper butterflies appear to be specimens from a nostalgic technicolour world perpetually fluttering between the 50s and 60s. Featuring powdery lilacs, candy pinks, baby blues and the same shade of orange you’d normally find in soft centre chocolates, these Papillons de Papier are meticulously cut from the articles and advertising found in dusty old Esquires and Playboys. You can visit Catherine’s store here.

polaroid is coming back!

Good news: Polaroid is not completely gone! Urban Outfitters has partnered with The Impossible Project to support their mission to restart and reinvent instant film photography. When Polaroid ended production of Instant Film in 2008, The Impossible Project bought all the machinery and equipment at Polaroid’s Dutch factory where the instant films were made. They aim to re-start production of analog instant film for vintage Polaroid cameras in 2010.

This year, Urban Outfitters will present a limited edition of 700 hand-numbered deadstock Polaroid camera kits. This edition will include one pack of deadstock Polaroid Instant Film and one of the most sought after analog instant cameras: the Polaroid One600 classic, the last Polaroid camera ever produced. Urban Outfitters will also offer additional deadstock original Polaroid Type 779 Instant Film saved from the last production runs made at the last Polaroid factory in Enschede, The Netherlands. (Film will retail at $24 per pack and camera kits at $180 each.)

etsy: jane heller photography

I love this photo from photographer and Etsy seller Jane Heller. Jane is inspired by the nuances of everyday life, the small details that go unnoticed, light and shadow, humor and sadness and pretty much everything in between. You can purchase Jane’s beautiful photos from her Etsy shop.

(via More Ways to Waste Time)

summer days

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend. It was a beautiful weekend here in The Netherlands with lots of sunshine. We haven’t had a great summer here so these these summer days were very welcome.

I don’t want the summer to end but soon autumn will be here and then winter will arrive. But today it is still summer and I am in the mood for sunny photos. The photographer of these gorgeous shots is Richard Foulser.

(images by Richard Foulser)

pretty dutch

These images where shot for ‘Pretty Dutch’ an exhibition about Dutch porcelain from the 18th century. Unfortunately the exhibition is no longer open but the gorgeous images are definitely worth showing.

(images from Studio Aandacht)

city prints by zoe beck

These contemporary limited edition prints (1 of 50) are based on the city of New York (above) and London (below). There are digitally printed on linen and framed. The artist, Zoe Beck, is fascinated with the cultural differences across our world’s cities and she is intrigued by how traveling contributes so much to our personal happiness.
The aim of her work is to create the essence of the place that it is based on, she wants to a achieve a visual exploration of why we visit these places and what makes them so special to us. The prints (£90.00) are available from