Tonight our 4 month old adopted puppy Lola will arrive from Spain where she was rescued by a wonderful organisation. If she had not been rescued she probably would have ended up in a killing station. For weeks (we are first time dog owners!) we have been preparing her arrival by purchasing the necessary gear. It was difficult to find a comfortable dog bed that fitted well into our interiors. We finally found a wooden bed with a soft cushion (you can see a photo of it here) but I also love these bright colored ones from Pooccio. This Australian label, launched by Melbourne based sisters Sisters Hannah Maher and Sarah, has a beautiful collection of handcrafted dog beds and accessories that are exclusive and stylish yet meet the everyday demands of the contented pooch and their discerning owner. The beautiful dog beds features colourful mixed prints with contrasting piping. If you, like me, are a textile lover you will certainly appreciate these cushions (even when you don’t have dogs..)!




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  1. Oooooh! So happy that you have adopted a pet. And so happy for the lucky little one to have been adopted by you. Because that means a good life!

  2. Well good luck with the dog, so exciting! As a dog owner myself I can really recommend getting a good training for your dog and reading about dog behaviour. Every blue moon I run into a dog owner with a badly behaving dog that tries to blame me/ my dog for his/ her dogs bad behaviour, that sometimes made me really insecure about the whole situation. We trained our first dog ourself (with the help of books) and she was fantastic, but judging by some dogs we run into in the park, that is not an easy thing to do (getting your dog to listen).
    And never pick your puppy up when you run into another dog (how hard that sometimes might be) except when you run into an insane psycho-dog like I once had.
    Your son must be pretty excited about getting a dog.
    Anyhow -way too much information- have a wonderful day.

  3. Love it!! This is awesome! You will definitely have a lot of fun with your new dog!

    The Office Stylist

  4. Very pretty; I hope they are removable and wash well, without shrinking or fading.
    Enjoy your puppy.

  5. Love them! And very curious about your dog! Show us, please! 🙂

  6. Thanks for your comments!
    @Simone: I totally agree with you. We are in full training mode!
    @ Maaike: I will be showing some pics soon. In the mean time you can see a photo of Lola here on Instagram:

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