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  1. Here in the U.S. we, too, are mourning the loss of your countrymen and women. We also also are admiring the restraint from jumping to not-yet-proven conclusions as well as respect for the victims’ loved ones that are being shown by your nation’s leaders and journalists.

  2. Thoughts for the families of the victims.

  3. Zorah Abu Kassim

    My condolences to everyone on board MH17 . I have followed your blog avidly . I am Malaysian and we as a nation are reeling from shock to incredulity to what has happened. Our flags are flying half mast in respect and grief to passengers and crew of MH 17.

  4. Pray also for the defenceless men, women, children and animals in Gaza.

  5. No words indeed

  6. my Thoughts are with the families of the victims.

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