Isn’t this the best baby announcement?! I think it is creative and highly original. The announcement was made by stylist Erin Michael for baby Jagger. The lovely blanket used is the Pia Wallen Cross baby blanket.

Source: via Alphabet Monkey and Lovenordic.

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  1. Best!

  2. Love this! It actually inspired me to do my own version with our baby girl. You can check it out on my blog if you want:

  3. Wauw, heel mooi gedaan. Die natuurlijke tinten zo bij elkaar geven een heel sterk beeld ! En het prachtige wondertje maakt het helemaal af. Had je mijn mailtje nog ontvangen over het blogteam?

  4. Het laatste zinnetje mag vergeten worden, was even in de war. Sorry !

  5. Fiona Stewart

    Wish I was having a baby also so I could be this creative. This baby will have a beautiful
    creative life with these parents. Congratulations baby Jagger. May you have a long healthy creative fun filled life. Well done parents, love this concept. I think you may have started something….

  6. super cute. :)

  7. Oh my gosh this is brilliant!!!!!! So clever. This baby is sure to turn out creative!!!!

  8. very nice! love this!

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