I just came back from a lovely holiday in France. Arriving back home in wet and gloomy weather I realized that summer is definitely over. But I am not complaining as we have had a wonderful summer. Besides, I do enjoy those cozy autumn/winter nights, drinking wine or tea close to our fire place. I still have a few beautiful summer houses to share but we start the week with some shades of grey.








Image source: 1. Sharyn Cairns via Est Magazine | 2. & 6. | Golden Biscotti 3. unknown | 4. Gan | 5. NIB | 7. Paco Rugs | 8. Barbara Groen.

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8 Responses to AUTUMN GREY

  1. Oh I love it all…especially the different grey plates :)

  2. Love grey, these are just great pics!! Especially the plates and the floor cushions.


  3. I think that for the gray early. :) I looked out the window and see the bright colors of yellow, red, orange. It is necessary to enjoy the bright autumn crucial for dark polar winter.

  4. Such a beautiful blend of earthy tones and modern chic. Beautiful inspiration.

  5. Congratulations for the new design ! Love it ! well done.

  6. Thanks Lily, it is not finished yet but it is getting there!

  7. looks very nice. i really know what is the grey plates brand.
    if you know that bland online store, please let me know.

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