I still have the ‘summer blues’! In addition to last week’s blue posts (you can see them here and here) today some more indigo and denim shades. I hope you are enjoying summer (or winter, depending on which hemisphere you live..).








Image source: 1. Sister Agency | 2. M&TT, it’s Barcelona, baby, Marimekko | 3. Etsy shop Printmaker Kym | 4. Martha Stewart Weddings, Laura Slater, | 5. Accessorize your Home | 6. Ohhh… Mhhh.. | 7. Martha Stewart | 8. Amelia & Andrew Lönnegren Widell

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6 Responses to SHADES OF BLUE

  1. Die blabla op de muur is leuuuk!

  2. Do you have the source for that wave pillow? The links don’t seem to be working. Thank you! 🙂

  3. @Erica: this is the shop but it is closed for holidays

  4. HI,
    firstable, congrats for such an interesting site!
    Second I´d wish to know about the four blue fabrics on a ladder. Where could I get them?
    Many thanks! Ana

  5. Joshua Camarena

    Hey, love your site btw. i saw this blue sofa a while ago, do you know where it came from? Not sure which link it belongs to.
    Thank you !

  6. Love the blues, can you tell me the sofa’s brand name please?

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