holiday home in the provence

This gorgeous renovated barn is located in the heart of the Provence in France. The owners Bruno & Michele, passionately interested in architecture and the art of living, have restored this old house in a spirit of simplicity, paying particular attention to the notions of space, calm and light and using only pure natural materials: stone, lime, concrete, wood and linen. The 36 acre large estate of olive groves and vineyards have been planted with cyprus, figs and pines, offering wide views of the Luberon mountain.

holiday home in the provence

holiday home in the provence

Old builing materials have been used to maintain the authentic character of the house. All furniture and accessories have been sourced from shops and flea markets nearby.

holiday home in the provence

Good news for all of you who would love to spend a holiday here: La Petite Bastide is for rent. For more information about rates and reservations, you can visit their website.

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  1. Thank you for sharing beauty almost everyday! I have been following your blog almost daily and found inspiration in many of your posts when I bought and refurbished my apt in Argentina las year. I continue to find inspiration in your posts now when decorate my home in Fiji. I must show you some pics of it some day! as for this barn … I think it is the same you showed on the post last 25th May… but then some of the pics of the facade do not correspond to same house … take care and stay inspirational !

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