With Spring in sight we will be spending more time outdoors. Time to start thinking about decorating your outdoor areas! Today some outdoor inspiration in blue. Blue is a great color to use outdoors, it is fresh and it a beach house vibe to it.





(image source: 1. & 4. Manuel Gomes Da Costa, 2. Derek Swalwell for The Design Files, 3. IGrace, 5. Jeroen van der Spek for VT Wonen, 6. Sweet Paul magazine, 7. Toast)

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9 Responses to OUTDOOR BLUE

  1. Huis lief huis

    Ooo, when i see this, i can’t wait ………..

  2. These pictures make me take a deep breath. And dream of sunny weather.

  3. Hi Danielle, i love your inspirational pictures. Could you link them to the origin please?

  4. what a beautiful pictures! you feel the sun already!
    Nice to look at and cheer up because outside it’s cold and gray.
    A bit spring, thank you.

  5. I love blue outdoor environments. Full of vitality and freshness,
    I’m from http://www.daramina.es/

  6. I love the blue & white color combo. It’s so light and refreshing. I just adore those decorative pillows in the third image. I came across these really chic pillows that would fit right in with them.

  7. I love all the blue. And its official: I’m in love with little couch nooks.

  8. Okay, I definitely need some more sunlight and maybe a few weeks off 😉
    Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

    x Sari

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