winter colors

winter homes

I have collected some interior images that represent winter to me. Dark colors such as grey and black, dark wood and rustic accessories are perfect to create a winter style in your home. But of course these elements look good in any season..

winter homes

winter homes

winter homes

winter homes

winter homes

(image source: 1. Ginostra, 2. Magnus Marding, via NY Times, 3. John Pomp / iittala / Ollson & Jensen / Rengim Mutevellioglu, 4. Annalee, 5.Canvas, 6. The Veda House)

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5 Responses to winter colors

  1. Lovely images. The tile floor in the first image is beautiful!

  2. belle inspiration d’hiver , le bois est le bienvenu.

  3. Those pictures are simply amazing! I wish I could live like this, it has so much charme an warmth and something very natural, absolutely beautyful. Also the simplicity is very appealinmg to me, I think it is nice, when your room isn’t packed full with too much stuff.


  4. your blog always has such beautiful imagery – love coming to visit. x

  5. I love all these images. Beautiful stuff!

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