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Graphic black and white prints are very popular. Well known are the ones by Therese Sennerholt, who also has designed some gorgeous graphic rugs in partnership with A Carpet and NK Interior (see last photo). In this post you can see some examples of prints and how you can display them in your interior. I personally love the ones made by photographer Marjon Hoogervorst. Print ‘Kus je’ (top image) is high on my wish list!










(1. print by Marjon Hoogervorst, 2. Stylizimo, 3. print by The Love Shop,
4. Pia Ulin, 5. Deas & Mia, 6. print by The Love Shop, 7. print by Ping Pong Print, 8. print by Marjon Hoogervorst, 9. print by Iknoki, 10. Vartnya Hem)

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2 Responses to graphic prints

  1. I love these prints. But where is the place to hang the pictures?
    I definitely need more walls in my house! :)

  2. I have the same problem Yna. I keep buying beautiful prints (I just can’t resist them) but have no more space to hang them!

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