a swedish winter wonderland home


This lovely winter wonderland home is located in Dalarna , Sweden. The house has some gorgeous features such as the large windows through which you can see lake Siljan from the living room, the kitchen fireplace that holds a wood stove and a modern oven and the hammam style bathroom with tadelakt walls and beautiful Moroccan tiles on the floor. You can read more about this home here at Lantliv’s website.







(images by Klas Sjöberg for Lantliv)

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6 Responses to a swedish winter wonderland home

  1. That living room space is insane!

  2. So nice!
    Did you see this cool Retro-apprtement in Stockholm? Love it!

  3. I love the table in the living room.

  4. You have a little typo on the place’s name – it’s not Darlana, it’s Dalarna

  5. @Pinchu: thanks for letting me know! I have made the correction

  6. ah, that floor! awesome contrasts!

    :) :) :)

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