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We have been a bit under the weather lately. My son Kick is going to day care for two days a week and he is bringing back all kinds of germs. But today I am back with some more beautiful bathrooms. These are my favourite kinds of bathrooms: a modern, clean lined design softened by the use of wooden accessories.









(image source: 1. Better Homes & Gardens, 2. via, 3. MW Works, 4. Ellie Ellie, 5. Adore, 6. Jordi Canosa, 7. Moka & Vanille, 8. Tine K, 9. Matteo Thun)

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7 Responses to bathroom inspiration

  1. i totally have bathrooms on the brain this week too and posted on them :) i think i am in need of some relaxation! i have two little sickies over here too (thank you pre-school). hope you all are 100% soon!
    xo . trina

  2. Thanks so much labor had decided. I really liked the bathroom design models’m gonna make my own house. Thank you admin :)

  3. Thank Trina! I hope that your kids are back on their little feet again very soon.

  4. Danielle, you continue to be a constant source of inspiration! Thank you for finding so many beautiful pictures and sharing them so often.

  5. Thank you Amrita, for your comment and kind words! I am happy to hear that you enjoy reading my blog.

  6. Hmmmm! Lovely!…But I have to say, those sinks in the last shot seem so impractical.

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