rustic bathrooms


I love a rustic style for bathrooms. To achieve this style you can use raw wood, a sink of stone, wooden accessories, stone flooring and cotton or linen towels. Combine these elements with a modern bath and modern fittings. More bathroom inspiration will follow later this week!






(image credits: 1. via, 2. Luca Zanaroli, 3. Ruche / Dianna Snape / Karen Akhtar, 4. Francois Halard for Interiors Atelier AM, 5. Kenoa Beach Resort), 6. Maz Zambelli)

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2 Responses to rustic bathrooms

  1. These pictures are fantastic. Exactly my style. If I could, as I wanted it :)

  2. I like these bathrooms, but can you tell where I can buy them, or the addresses of the retailers?

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