pretty pastels: inspiration and gift ideas


Today some pretty pastels! Some images are for inspiration only but you can also find some pastel coloured gift ideas in this post. I hope you enjoy them!




Wooden bowls & dishes from Studio Juju and leather clutches from Golden Ponies.


Mint coloured plates from Suite One Studio.


Old school style hand made leather bags (now on sale for a limited amount of time), wooden bowls & dishes from Studio Juju, crocheted iPhone sleeve.


Wooden spear tray available in large and small.

(other images: Varpunen, Frkmayasloft, Weekend Carnival)

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3 Responses to pretty pastels: inspiration and gift ideas

  1. Hi. where is this fantastic pastel soft bag from ? I really love it…:)

  2. Hi, unfortunately I could not find out where the pink bag is from. Nor could I find the source of the photo..

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