exposed walls


I love a beautiful exposed wall. These brick walls give an industrial character to a space. Here some example of an exposed wall in a kitchen, living room and even a bathroom.





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  2. I love these stone walls. If there were any in my house, I would immediately cut down the plaster :)

  3. I really like the rooms with the exposed brick and clean white walls. I think the bit of new/modern is a great contrast for the brick. I keep this in mind while house hunting online, a nice house with a kitchen from the 1800s :) I imagine keeping part of the old and putting in some nice new modern pieces ..

  4. I love this look – especially the top image where there is a painted area as well.

  5. One of my favorite posts! I’m a huge fan of brick walls, industrial and loft!

  6. I have always loved this look, just haven’t had the chance to design it yet! Beautiful images!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  7. These exposed walls are fantastic I love the 1st pic of the kitchen dining table those lights are amazing! Also adore the exposed wall in the bathroom with the mirror set in such a great effect.
    Carla x have a great week

  8. I love the brick walls too.
    Bye, Alessia.

  9. I am happy to hear that you share with me the love for brick walls! Have a great week!

  10. I’m from the north of France, near Belgium, and brick walls remind me this place. I would love to have one in my house.

  11. Belle maison avec des murs de briques,décoration sympathique!

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