grey with soft pink


Grey can be a bit boring but this color will warm up with a touch of soft pink. These beautiful images are shot by photographer Line Klein. The lovely pink lamps in the image above are from Studio Snowpuppe.



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9 Responses to grey with soft pink

  1. wiuh.. That’s my “Flow” and “Fox” , nice to see them here on your blog !

  2. Love all of it! Do you happen to know where the pink chair in the second picture comes from?

  3. Gray and Pink are so classic! I don’t think it’ll ever go out of style. Great Post!

  4. The pink chair, Frost is designed by the designerduo FurnID and it’s produced by the Danish company Stouby :-)

  5. I love the modern look and the soft pink adds just a touch of feminine without being overly girly.

  6. Congratulations on achieving a very modern design!

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