a stunning summer home in portugal


I have a lot of eye-candy for you today! There are still so many beautiful summer homes that I want to show you and I almost forgot about this gorgeous house in Portugal. The owner of this dream house, designer Pequenina Rodrigues, fell in love with the natural beauty of the surroundings and built a house that is strongly connected to nature. The result is a stunning home with lots of wood, roofs made from straw, white washed walls with lovely blue accents.














(images by Manuel Gomes da Costa / via Elle.es)

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10 Responses to a stunning summer home in portugal

  1. I love your blog and first of all I would like to congratulate you for that.
    The photos you have just published are from the great portuguese photographer Manuel Gomes da Costa, can you add the credit?
    Thank you and have a great day,

  2. Is there anything else to say? Except: There I would like now?

  3. Great house! Where in Portugal is it located? Looks like the Algarve or Alentego region?

  4. The house is in Comporta, 1h30 south of Lisbon

  5. Thank you for the credits, I know Manuel GC will be happy to see it

  6. Thanks Raquel for the info! Please let me know if Manuel has a website (I could not find it) and I will link to his site.

    Have wonderful weekend everyone!

  7. WAUW! I would like to bet there!

  8. Would love to spend some time in this gorgeous place! Thank you for the pictures, as always, beautiful!

  9. van Hoegaerden

    This house is just THE dream house….
    Any chance someone knows if it is available for rent in the summer ?..

  10. extraordinary house! many compliments indeed

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