let’s go outside


It is a rainy day here in The Netherlands but that did not stop me creating this post about beautiful outdoor areas. If I can’t enjoy the outdoors then I’d better blog about it! I hope you are enjoying your day wherever you are.




(images source: 1. Janne Peters, 2. unknown, 3. DWR, 4. unknown)

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6 Responses to let’s go outside

  1. Absolutley adore the first image whith the oliv tree. What an amazing space!

  2. Those are some beautiful outdoor spaces! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Wonderful pics. I like the little cosy place on the roof.

  4. What a dreamy romantic nook on the roof. A secret hideaway on top of the world. I would like to curl up there with a book and watch the birds and clouds go by.

  5. I usually do the same things, when the rainy days are gone it’s great to get back to the inspirations and make them come true.

  6. i’ve always wanted a little reading nook like that. so beautiful.

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