natural style living


I love rustic items made from natural materials such as wood for my home. Today a collection of images that represent ‘natural style living’ to me.






(image source: Marthas Lille Boble, Abaton, Belgian Pearls, Elvang, ELLE Decoration Norway, SCA, Olive Manna, Inkkit)

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5 Responses to natural style living

  1. What a wonderful home :)

  2. That’s a really lovely collection of images, items, interiors and impressions. Truly inspiring! Thanks for curating and sharing, Danielle.

  3. Inspiring ! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. Just love the simple life style..

  4. Beautiful colors and a great find again It was great to see you again on the bloggers event ;)

  5. Nothing better than natural in the Summer time! For some reason it calms me down in the heat!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

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