mungo & maud for stylish pets


In 2008 I posted about Mungo & Maud, a pet accessories brand creating elegant, well-designed accessories to complement a contemporary home. The Mungo & Maud collection has grown over the years so it is time for an update on this gorgeous (online) store. Their products are minimalist yet tactile with a strong use of natural materials such as cotton, wool, leather and linen. They range from hand-stitched leather collars and leads to wooden feeding bowls, cotton beds and organic treats, made to Mungo & Maud’s own recipe.


Above you can see some photo’s of the beautiful Mungo & Maud store in London, UK. Luckily their products are also available through their online store.


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4 Responses to mungo & maud for stylish pets

  1. Like the plush robot! Very cute.


  2. Hi Danielle, Nice pictures and a very cute dog!! have a great day!!

  3. Hi Danielle ~ I adore your blog (I’ve never commented, but I love reading it and follow you on Pinterest too!). I couldn’t help but comment on your post today though, as it features the same brand that I just raved about in my first “guest post” at ~ what are the chances?! Not sure if you and DNS’s creator, Heidi, have perused each others blogs…but I think you would enjoy each others finds, being two very stylish ladies and all :-) Please check her out (I’m telling her to do the same)…and thanks for today’s read! ~ Kris

  4. I love EVERYTHING Mungo & Maud! Such great design!

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