garland christmas tree


Today I’m loving … this Christmas tree created with a garland from Down To The Woods. A great idea for a kids room!

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10 Responses to garland christmas tree

  1. OMG.. so adorable! Love!

  2. This is such an incredible idea…simple and so classy.

  3. How lovely! I just made a post on alternative Christmas trees. Argh I should have put this one! ;)

    Have a good weekend

    Lise from Eleven Lovely Things

  4. That’s very cute! Looks like the rabbit is chewing the bottom of that garland~

  5. really cute! one christmas we were in a tiny apt with our 3 kids and my husband did this on the wall with colorful christmas lights, i think i like this better :)

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  10. haha how creative i love this!!

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