egyptian pendants


The beautiful copper (with silver coating) pendant lights are back in stock! These pendants are handmade in Egypt.


You can see all available models and sizes here.

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9 Responses to egyptian pendants

  1. Wow these pendant lights are so unique and beautiful!!! They really make a statement in the room!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. these are beautiful. i wish i had an outdoor space worthy of such a piece but until then i’m sure i could find a place to make it work!

  3. The spheres are sooooooooooooo beautiful. I used the stars ages ago and they seem to pop up everywhere these days, but the spheres .. mama mia! I don’t have a project where I could use these, but will definitely keep them in mind. I’m blown away!

  4. thepygyscribe

    Dreamy! I want one of each for my new/old house!

  5. I love the exotic feel of that room.

  6. They are abolutly gorgeous. I love these kind of light, the etmosphere it makes and the amazing light and shadow effects. It’s so adorable!!!

  7. Beautiful Egyptian pendants. I love the breakthrough in colour through the beautifully carved sections. I like the foreign and oriental feel it brings. It’s exactly the sort of lighting I pictured for my hallway, although these may be to large and over bearing in my little hallway!

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