a converted watermill in denmark


This beautiful house in Denmark was once an old watermill. The owners, Vibe and Jesper Krogh, transformed the run down building to a modern country home that oozes personality and charm.



Vibe and Jesper managed to combine the idyllic country house atmosphere with their more clean and modern personal style.


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(images from Bo Bedre)

6 Responses to a converted watermill in denmark

  1. What in god’s name is hanging from the ceiling in the dining room?

  2. Catiepie, it is a stuffed elk head. But the picture of the Buddha stands on the floor. t, t …

  3. Oh I love this .. the whiteness of it all, so fresh and bright.
    I hate animal heads as decoration, but that moose head did make me laugh.
    Love this !

  4. that is an Elk Head ? same thing .. ugly/funny 🙂

  5. I like the contrast between the dark and light floor – very chic

  6. i really love this!

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