a minimalistic kitchen


Today I’m loving this minimalistic kitchen from Antwerp (Belgium) based architect Vincent van Duysen. Isn’t that huge stove just gorgeous?


(images via Vincent van Duysen)

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7 Responses to a minimalistic kitchen

  1. Oh, I really love it! A really tidy and streamlined space like that would definitely inspire creativity for me in the kitchen.

  2. It started as a little stove that grew! Seems to have only two burners~

  3. Wow, really catches the eye in the kitchen; just gorgeous!

  4. I would so love a stove like that, its amazing.
    Have a fab weekend.

  5. Wow, is that an aga or is it just made to look like that, I like how the drawers are integrated with the same design, oh and the hand made tiles for the splash back… Great

  6. I love that stove! But have to agree with Tricia, only two burners, perhaps a grill you can see from this angle.

  7. Not an Aga — I believe the range is a La Cornue. The French company makes both ranges and cabinetry to complement it. I believe it probably has a fry-top as well as the two burners. I don’t think there are gas burners and induction burners on the LC, but I do think some range manufacturers will be coming out with that, kind of like dual fuel ranges (gas burners + electric oven, which is great). HTH!

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