outdoor dining


Don’t you love outdoor dining? Especially when the view and the setting is as beautiful as in these images!


This cosy outdoor area below is part of a one bedroom English style cottage in the hills of Echo Park, California. .


(top image: via Elle Decor, second image: source unknown, third image from Apartment Therapy)

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9 Responses to outdoor dining

  1. I really enjoy outdoor dining! That outdoor patio is perfect with the globe lights and trellis!

  2. Just lovin your blog. The images of outdoor “al fresco” dining are too fabulous for words. That view of the 1 image towards the beach is sooo refreshing and inviting 🙂

  3. beautiful images..all three of them! xx meenal

  4. Best place to do the BBQ with family and friends.

  5. I LOVE the distressed wood table and the linen napkins. Gorgeous. Effortless but quality. I also love the arts and crafts pitcher. Beautiful.

  6. I really like that last picture! It’s a really good idea!

  7. I love the lights on the pergola, and details of the stones stand on napkins, superb!

  8. amei seu blog , adorei suas fotos inspiradoras.

  9. how can you not love all that!

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