a cosy kitchen


Today I’m loving … this cosy kitchen from decorator Montse Esteva who lives in Barcelona, Spain.


(images via Nuevo Estillo)

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14 Responses to a cosy kitchen

  1. Oh..these floor tiles look absolutely gorgeous!! and very catalan! Shame my sister left Barca for Paris ;-)


  2. I love floor and light.. I would like to be there…

  3. I love everything about that kitchen!!

  4. mlle paradis

    it’s all about the floor tiles for me too!

  5. This kitchen is so gorgeous. Is that floor painted or are those tiles?

  6. Such a lovely kitchen — I especially love the materials used on the ceiling! very unique!

  7. Love the tiles and the furniture!

  8. Nice style….i like the uniqueness of the ceiling. I want to see that in my modern home kitchen style.

  9. I can’t stop commenting…every time I see a new post I love you more and more :) This just keeps getting better every day. I’m a big fan!!
    this kitchen is just lovely, perfect! That hot pink chair brings an interesting final touch to the whole style.

  10. oh MAN! this kills me!

  11. Lovely lovely lovely! This kitchen is to die for!

  12. Look at that pink chair! Irresistible! This is kitchen is simply beautiful! Love it.

  13. kellie finch

    where do you find tiles like this or similar?!!!

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