spice racks as bookshelves


Such a clever idea to use IKEA spice racks (Bekvam) as bookshelves!

(via Ohdeedoh)

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9 Responses to spice racks as bookshelves

  1. I have been trying to think of a new bookshelf idea and this will be PERFECT!!! Thanks!!

  2. How smart! I might do the same..:)

  3. WOW! I like! Perfect for the kids room and luckely we have IKEA in Norway as well ;)

    Nice sunday!
    Here we have lots and lots and lots of snow! :)

  4. Super cute. I have a friend who did this in her son’s nursery many years ago…such a fab idea. I recently did a post using Ikea photo ledges to create a library for my kiddies.

  5. I have wanted to do this exact thing and never thought of using these spice racks ! So glad I see as i am going to Ikea this week. Definitely now on the shopping list ! thanks for posting.

  6. That’s quite handy!

  7. That’s a fantastic idea!

  8. what a great and simple solution. off to price those puppies….

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