turquoise chandelier


This unusual turquoise chandelier is made from semi-precious stones. The chandelier is from Marjorie Skouras Design. Happy weekend everyone!

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11 Responses to turquoise chandelier

  1. Oh my goodness, its gorgeous! Fantastic colour.

  2. That’s a really cool focal point for the room! A first seeing something like this!

  3. That is simply the most stunning thing I’ve seen in ages. It sure give my much-loved shell chandelier some competition. I hope you’re having a lovely weekend too. Pruxxx

  4. Wow, so gorgeous!

  5. so nice!!! such a great find!!!!!

  6. Stop it! That is so gorgeous!!

  7. to DIE for! only i would have skipped the little green pastilles.

  8. WOW ! That makes quite a bold statement. In my favorite colour. Never seen anything like it…. can be quite overwhelming but very striking still !

  9. absolutely beautiful, such a fine idea, like beads on a girl

  10. Wow! I love it …

  11. ‘Loved it so much that I shared it (and your blog) this week in Elle Decor’s Design Insider’s Weekly Finds. Thanks for sharing!

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