aura textiles by tracie ellis


AURA is an Australian bed linen label founded by Tracie Ellis. To mark their ten year anniversary, they have ventured beyond the bedroom, creating a sensual new collection of kaftans, scarves, towels, table linen and homewares.


Screen-printed fabrics and hand-crafted finishes provide sumptuous, earthy detail and tactile delight. There is also a stunning new range of designer bed linen that roams the globe in a journey of discovery.


Check out their website to find something special to add beauty and enjoyment to your home.


(images from AURA)

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5 Responses to aura textiles by tracie ellis

  1. Hmmm…Loving all these beautiful textures!

  2. ahhh Tracie Ellis!!!! love her…no nice collection!!!!

  3. Stunning, great Australian find!

  4. All of a sudden all kinds of linen is popping up! I love them all…

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