flour and grain sack pillows


Today I’m loving … these flour and grain sack pillows made from jute and cotton. You can find similar bags online, for example in this Etsy shop.


(images from Red.co.uk)

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8 Responses to flour and grain sack pillows

  1. Love this look!! Also that collection of mirrors is heavenly! :)

  2. oh, the mirrors! would love to have a wall full of those!

  3. I love those pillows in the first shot. So cool! When I was in college I worked at a coffee shop and designed a line of clothing made out of the coffee bean bags…they looked awesome, but were really scratchy. I didn’t think that one all the way through.. ; ) Flour sacks are a much better idea. great post!

  4. Very nice :) The styling is lovely – I especially love the white painted wall…

  5. omg!!!! i am crazy about the 1rst pic….beautiful!!! great find!!!! xo

  6. Love the second shot. I attended Maison et Objet last month and saw an amazing amount of linen and hemp being used in chic and modern ways. A feast for the eyes, let alone the hands.

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