a beautiful bathroom


Today I’m loving … this stunning bathroom.

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8 Responses to a beautiful bathroom

  1. you’re so right, I’ve seen that bathroom before and always thought the rug is the thing that sets it apart.

  2. anyone know who makes these rugs?
    reminds me of a polish rug you would find in the cepelia…

  3. Wow! What is that type of rug called? Love it.

  4. Yes please tell us where we can find this rug! I really need it. -T

  5. look! i not only recalled it, I found it:

    a similar-ish rug is shown there
    Above: Round Braided Jute Rug; $149 for the 6-foot-diameter size and $249 for the 8-foot-diameter size at West Elm.

  6. this rug (along the lines of the rug above) I found via finelittleday.com

    lovely baskets too

  7. It looks very much like Armadillo & co rugs

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