winter time


We have been having lots of snow for the past weeks. I can’t remember that we had this much snow in one winter. Here are some winter wonderland photos that I have been shooting this winter. The blue/grey house in the middle in the top image is ours.


View on the back of our house and garden (top image), where some beautiful robins are living.


Gorgeous swans at the back of our house.


A lake nearby.


A beautiful house (the vicarage) in our street.


(images by me)

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12 Responses to winter time

  1. beeeeautiful!!! talk about a winter wonderland. and swans!???!! are you kidding me???!
    i live in the southern US and snow is elusive to non existant.

  2. Those are absolutely gorgeous pictures. I’m starting to get quite sick of all the snow we’ve got in Frankfurt, but it’s nice to remember that winter can be very beautiful, also.

  3. so pretty!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. so gorgeous! the vicarage is to die for.


  5. Beautiful! I love the photo through the tree branches…

  6. These shots are just stunning. I love the swans – beautiful. They make me feel cool on these hot summer day’s we’re having in Australia.

  7. OMG! These are breathtaking!

  8. your place is very beautiful, all the images are very nice. I like to see there are no fences between the houses in the village, this is almost impossible to have in my city.

  9. These photos are beautiful! Almost makes me like winter. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  10. How absolutely incredible to have swans!

  11. Beautiful photos!! Specially the one with the little bird and the one of the swans and the lake.. Oh I Love them all !
    I live in south Florida, USA.. so I can only dream of days like this one you pictured. Thank you!

  12. i love the bird pictures you took! Lovely!

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