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magnus selander

Although we are are in midst of winter here in The Netherlands (lots of snow!), I am looking for inspirational garden images. We will be renovating our garden this spring and we are now planning the lay-out and design. The look we are after for our garden is a modern cottage garden. Suggestions for websites with inspiring images are very welcome!

(images from M. Selander)

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5 Responses to garden inspiration

  1. this garden home is sooooo perfect. i think i would put my bed in here and move for the summer

  2. I love the idea of a garden cottage. I never thought of one so small, but it makes perfect sense in such a charming setting. I’m in Los Angeles, so we have sun, green grass, and breezy weather – but I still find the pictures inspiring! I just wish I had a garden to indulge in…

  3. I was also just thinking about spring and outdoor projects! Love the idea of modern cottage. Here is a link to a wood grain concrete planter that my husband made. The wood grain texture gives it a cottage feel, but the shape is definitely modern.

  4. Hi Danielle!

    Wat een heerlijke plaatjes! Die keuken zou ik ziet er zo gezellig uit!

    Sinds je post zijn de bezoekers enorm gestegen en nog! Nogmaals thanks!

    Groetjes Lenneke

  5. Hi Danielle!

    I like this post very much, there are lot’s of lovely details on the photos, very inspiring before the upcoming Spring season! You have a wonderful blog, many thanks!~Zara

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