a red chandelier


Isn’t this a pretty image? I love the red chandlier in this room. Unfortunately I can not remember where I found the photo so unfortunately I can’t mention any credits.

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  1. Your timing is perfect – I have just been considering a red chandelier for my dining room. I love it!

  2. Cool chandelier. I do like a good red detail. I’m trying to find a scarlet chandelier or desk lamp for my home office right now and just can’t find the perfect red. I’m thinking I may have to buy one and then spray-paint it the right shade. Thanks for the inspiration :-)

  3. Sorry dat ik je nu even niet verder kan helpen maar ik weet zeker dat ik hem eens gezien heb in een woonmagazine… maar welke :S
    ik zou met bijna 80% zekerheid durven zeggen dat hij in de 101 woonidieeën stond.

  4. Hi there, I think that lovely image may have come from here:


    I only remembered because I loved its placement with the Jean Prouve table and chairs at the time.

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  6. LOVE and i think the scale is so cute! and perfectly balanced by the red on the table… very very fun find.

  7. The photographer is probably Anita Calero as she is a photographer and stylist and this is her gorgeous Manhattan flat.

  8. Ben & Juana, thanks for the update!!

  9. what a gorgeous set-up. that red chandelier really adds some punch.

  10. The best idea.
    Looks great!

  11. Oooooh! Love it! I wonder what my silly cat would do to it!! Heehee!!!!

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