rainbow stairs

What do you think of these colourful stairs? It sure gives colour to the town of Wuppertal, Germany!


(via Elle Decoration South Africa)

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8 Responses to rainbow stairs

  1. I love colors, but this is too much !

  2. The words that are written on the stairs are rather interesting – I can imagine that they are getting more and more positive as one climbs towards the top.

  3. I think it’s awesome!!! It would make my day every time I saw it!

  4. I think it’s great! It’s nice to see a public art project that whimsical and fun.

  5. Colored stairs! Oh those wacky Germans. What will they think of next? I love it!

  6. I took some pics in January of this year, the colours and words have faded considerably. I still love this steps.

    Heres my video of my Pictures http://www.flickr.com/photos/sihillier/6696859345/

    The title is what we have come to call Gathe Str (due to its number of dodgy establishments!)

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