piet boon uitdoor furniture

On my wish list for outdoor furniture is this set designed by Piet Boon (in the previous post you can see a Caribbean beach house that he designed). Seat GIJS is made from teak and has water-resistant cushions. Table ANNE is available in a low and in a high version. The seats and table would look fantastic on our terrace in Zuiderwoude but I’m afraid they will remain on our wish list for a while. High quality materials have been used for Boon’s furniture which also mean a high price tag..

(images from Piet Boon)

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4 Responses to piet boon uitdoor furniture

  1. I love big wooden tables and chairs. These even manage to look modern and rustic at the same time! J’adore.

  2. H. Ardtosay

    What about this clear and present rip-off??? http://dutchsummer.nl/nl/020201-TWIN.php

  3. I have also seen the furniture of dutchsummer.nl. Very similar to Piet Boon – but I don’t like the design and the price is around the same. If I’m spending that kind of money, then I want the real thing!

  4. Very nice, simple but elegant, a clever design.

    Excellent for an outdoor cafe I’d say, they appear to be very durable.

    Cheers 🙂

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