the perfect bed for a lazy day

It is a gorgeous Sunday here in The Netherlands! I will be working in the garden today so not much time for relaxing for me. But this bed would make the perfect spot for a lazy afternoon. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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8 Responses to the perfect bed for a lazy day

  1. What an absolutely perfect place to spend a weekend! All I need is a book, some yummy food and lots of sunscreen.

  2. Hi Danielle,

    Do you happen to know where this photo was taken? I have a sudden urge to book my summer holiday…


  3. Looks like a good place to sit with friends and smoke. Very comfy.

  4. That bed looks great. I don’t know how comfortable it is though.

  5. Looks like my old place on Koh Samui Thailand. Maarten. But I wouldn’t take the risk of “smoking” there. Big Prison sentences.

  6. I think I’m floating:)

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  8. It feels like heaven 🙂

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