car print

This fun pillow with car print is great for a boy’s room.

More car print: Rushhour wallpaper (matching with the pillow above), Orla Kiely suitcase, fabric with vintage car print from Volksfaden, Orla Kiely mug.

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8 Responses to car print

  1. so great! it ALMOST makes me want to have a little boy. HA!

  2. I love this print…
    soo much.

  3. I love all these prints! Definite choice for a little boys room :)

  4. I love these! I have to blog them…I’ll mention your great blog:)

  5. The green one reminds me of this:
    It was made for a campaign to popularize public transport in Poland. :)

  6. Cool retro sixties, but a little strange.

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