upper east side townhouse in ny

I’m glad that you like my post about that gorgeous renovated farm in France. And you are all right: that floor with the pebbles is gorgeous! Today another post about a house with a beautiful floor but this time the floor is from wood.

This townhouse on the Upper East side of NY has been decorated minimalisticly but it still has a warm feel to it.

I love the Moroccan rugs, combined with the old wooden floor.

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10 Responses to upper east side townhouse in ny

  1. What a beautiful light filled space.
    Love the rugs too

  2. Love the white with splash’s of black… very serene and calm yet chic. I think the floors are the key here to keeping the space warm and inviting.

    Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh God, this house is SO lovely! Yes, I agree that those old wooden floors do a lot! Modern and vintage blend, never fails for me!

  4. I LOVE that fireplace! And the rug is so beautiful. Great house!

  5. My parents have exactly the same floor in their appartment!

  6. I seriously love this… the rug and floors are so pretty..

  7. the floors are absolutely stunning!

  8. Those floors are gorgeous! Hubby and I stayed in a B&B once that had floors very similar to these and I kept commenting on just how cozy and welcoming they make a home feel.

  9. nice and clean with Moroccan details! I love it!

  10. Crisp clean look – be great for a cocktail party!

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