beautiful birdhouses

It is the time of year to feed the birds again. Here are some beautiful bird houses & feeders that I found on the web. The nesting bird box (top left) designed by Eva Solo is made of white-glazed terra cotta and black plastic, which protects the little home from wind and rain. The bird feeder at the right is also from Eva Solo. Birdhouse ROHBAU (second row), designed by Torsten Klocke, is straight, modern design that decorates the garden. But this birdhouse made out of concrete does not only serve beautification – the concrete box protects its inhabitants against wind, weather and enemies. Contrary to simple fat balls, VOGELIMBISS (third row) makes for a pretty sight even without feathered visitors. The simple feeding ground out of an organic china capsule has two notches, is easy to fill, and keeps the feed dry and clean. This cute bird feeder is designed by Yvonne Penter. Both Rohbau and Vogelimbiss are available from Das Rote Paket, a great webshop that is based in Germany but ships worldwide.

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4 Responses to beautiful birdhouses

  1. I love those bird houses! Especially the transparent ones. So cute!

  2. I just bought a woven birdhouse from Crate & Barrel, not so modern but still cute!

  3. Yes, the transparent ones are my favorites as well. Wonder if it confuses the birds a bit, though. 🙂

  4. You just helped me start a gift idea list for my bird-lovin’ mom! Thanks!

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