mungo & maud: dog & cat outfitters

Also our beloved pets deserve stylish things! Mungo & Maud opened its first store in the heart of London in May 2005. Husband and wife team Michael and Nicola Sacher founded the edgy new concept in dog and cat stores with the aim of sourcing and creating elegant, well-designed accessories to complement a contemporary home. Their design approach is stylish, considered and with a timeless quality.

Their products are minimalist yet tactile with a strong use of natural materials such as cotton, wool, leather and linen. They range from hand-stitched leather collars and leads to hand-thrown feeding bowls, canvas beds and organic treats made to Mungo & Maud’s own recipe. Their products are available from selected retailers both in the UK and overseas but also from their webstore. Click here to browse through their collection!

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  1. I love a puppy in a jacket! Especially a tartan one xx

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