shack with a view

What a view! Architect Jeffery S. Broadhurst designed and built this 140sf retreat for his family on a very remote 27-acre mountaintop property in West Virginia, USA, accessible only by off-road vehicle. It is built by himself, friends and neighbors, using off-the-shelf materials. Oil lamps provide light and a wood stove heats the space. Hand-powered, gravity-fed plumbing system, and water is heated using the wood stove. Rainwater from the roof supplies the outdoor shower. The front wall is an overhead-acting aluminum and glass garage door, opening to a cantilevered deck.

(via materialicious)

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11 Responses to shack with a view

  1. You just shared my boyfriend’s dream shack!

  2. What a cute little getaway!

  3. Oh this is something to dream about – please I want to win on a lottery!

  4. the perfect place for a romantic week end

  5. maybe now I want to end up with a shack when I play the game MASH…

  6. WOW!
    AMAZING view!

  7. Great post, I could totally spend a week or two in a place like that.

    Matt @

  8. that’s what life should be.

  9. that is amazing!! i would love to own that.

  10. I have just fallen in love HARD. I would love to rent out this place for a weekend.

  11. bravo! lovely candidate for architects without borders search for solutions to housing for refugees, victims of natural disasters, i.e. haiti. beautifully efficient.

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