a gorgeous house in sussex, uk

For some weekend inspiration, I want to share with you these images of this gorgeous house in Sussex, United Kingdom. I remember seeing this house in a British magazine a while ago. I saved the article as I especially loved the kitchen. And of course those classic Saarinen tulip chairs… I also love the idea of grouping together pictures of family, friends and holidays. I have a wall in my hallway covered with photos, all in white picture frames.

(images from Dixcot locations)

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2 Responses to a gorgeous house in sussex, uk

  1. I’m pretty sure the actual tulip chairs have monopod bases, not those little legs: http://www.steelform.com/tulip.html

    Great blog, though! (love the white)

  2. These neutrals are beautiful. I’m crazy about the kitchen and its white floors. It is very elegant and understated.

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