Solid poetry

Would you rather create a pattern on concrete tiles than on grass, then check out Solid Poetry. Design Academy graduates Susanne Happle and Frederik Molenschot created ‘Solid Poetry’ for their graduation project. These concrete tiles reveal a flower pattern when they get in contact with water. This is so clever, to make use of the natural elements. Especially in a country like The Netherlands where it can rain a lot!

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6 Responses to Solid poetry

  1. Beautiful!! Living in Ireland, this would cheer me up every time it rained (i.e. ALL the time!)

  2. I LOVE this idea! Anything that can make plain old cement beautifil is fabulous!

    I’m going to link to this on my blog too – awesome idea!

  4. WOW! Cement is one of favorites materials and these tiles look so nice.

  5. Looks like stencils and water-seal. The sealed part stays dry (light) and the unsealed part gets saturated (dark).

    Seems like the sort of thing you can do to your driveway yourself. You’d have to find a seal that doesn’t betray it’s presence by darkening the concrete, though.

    Creates some interesting graffiti-when-wet possibilities for concrete structures.

  6. wow,it’s very impressive idea. would someone tell me how it work?

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