Cuckoo birdhouse

I spent the whole weekend painting the walls of my veranda. My arms are hurting but the result (bright white walls) makes it all worth it. This cuckoos clock inspired birdhouse (in white) is the finishing touch on the wall. The birdhouse is designed by Matijs Korpershoek for Present Time. Click here for more information on the birdhouse. By the way, I will post a picture of my renewed veranda soon. I just have to add some more flowers.

Enjoy your weekend!

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2 Responses to Cuckoo birdhouse

  1. Lovely! Look forward to seeing your spring project… change can be so heavenly!

  2. I love spring! It is very inspirational, nature changing around you. Will post about my spring project soon. It has too be sunny to take photos, unfortunately it has been raining for days now…

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