Roses chair

Although we have seen a lot of laser-cut patterns in the past year, I would like to share this beauty from Vibieffe with you. Roses is an armchair made of metal and laser cut with a pantograph and is available in varnished or gold leaf versions. Check out their website for more information and to find a retailer near you.

3 Responses to Roses chair

  1. I´m also into roses (mine are in retro handbags). These chairs look really cool I imagine them with a light over them and the shadows they would cast…

  2. Oh, how beautiful. But I think it feels a bit more “outdoors” to me than “indoors” – definitely not comfortable for around the house.

  3. The chair with light will be beautiful: I can see the rose shadows on the wall…

    I agree with you Miranda, the chair is gorgeous but I guess you will need some pillows to make it comfortable.

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