TUTI by Dominik Wimber

With his design TUTI, Dominik Wimber has put traditionally nomadic features in the context of our present lifestyle, intending to bring life back to the ground.

The function of TUTI is multipurpose. It is not a carpet, nor a chair. You can create you own TUTI as the flexibility of the material makes every shape possible, stimulating the users to create a piece of furniture that truly reflects their personality. Looking at these pictures I wouldn’t mind having at TUTI in my home, would you?

2 Responses to TUTI by Dominik Wimber

  1. This is amazing looking. But I am trying to figure out how it works. Are there wires to make it bendable like that?

  2. Maryam, there is not a lot of information about this chair but I think you are right and that it has wires to make it bendable.

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