Kelly Hoppen’s stylish home in London

Lately I find myself liking yellow. The last couple of weeks I am drawn to yellow accessories as bags and scarves. I am even thinking about adding some colour in my (neutral coloured) interior. No major changes but just a small dose of yellow. Like British design superstar Kelly Hoppen did in her loft-style home in London.

The uberstylish designer has used a color scheme that blends neutral shades with refreshing splashes of color. I like the fact that yellow is consistently used as an accent colour throughout the whole house, which gives a harmonious feel. Later this week I will give you some examples on how you can use yellow in your home. So stay tuned if you, like me, are into yellow as well!

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  1. Yellow…I never liked the colour except in flowers,fruits ‘n veg or on houses. i find that the new clothing collections also contain substantial yellow. I actually tried on a yellow blouse. Are we getting ready for yellow? And what you’ve shown here I’m almost convinced that yellow can be a fun accent within houses. I’m pretty confindent in becoming convinced…;-)

  2. Speaking of yellow scarves…


    It arrived today, love everything. I put it on immediately, I feel like a European girl now. 🙂


  3. Good to hear that you like the scarf Holly! Isn’t the pattern lovely?

  4. As a latin I´m into colour (not always so, I been in beige phase, blue phase etc). I like interiors that a very neutral with an accent of bright colour…

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  6. those yellow objects are amazing!!

  7. Yes, you were right, totally ORLA! 🙂

  8. This just goes to show how refreshing and impactful a dose of bright colours (and not just yellow) can bring to an interior. Especially when used sparingly in a sea of light and neutral tones? Love this idea…

  9. I love the chairs around the dining table in the picture. Does anyone know where these come from or where I could find some similar? Thanks in advance:)

  10. where do I find bright yellow accessories online?

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