My Projects Update: The New Coffee Table

coffee table
Last month I shared with you some interior decorating goals that I have set for 2007. One of them was to get a new coffee table. Well, my coffee table that I ordered a while ago has finally arrived! You could have had a glimpse of the new table in last week’s post. Here is a better picture!

20 Responses to My Projects Update: The New Coffee Table

  1. That is so beautiful I’m practically speechless. Great choice!!!! Looks perfect in your space.

  2. is that the ikea vitten carpet?

  3. Cesar, it is not the Ikea Vitten carpet but it looks like it though. I bought the carpet here in The Netherlands at a chain calle HEMA (a low price store which, like Ikea, is known for the design of its products). It was a real bargain!

  4. I just LOVE that table, it’s so stylish! Great choice.

  5. If you think that it is gorgeous, you are right!!

  6. love the cushions where are they from?

  7. That coffee table is to die for!

  8. I bougth the cushions in a small shop here in The Netherlands (they were on sale!). I think they are from Bali, Indonesia.

  9. I’m looking for a new coffee table as well….yours is gorgeous! You have great taste.

  10. that. is. stunning. so wonderful.

  11. Thank you all!

  12. Perfect choice Danielle – the deep color of the wood, along with the multiple tones, really creates visual interest and loads of warmth. You have an amazing eye!

  13. Thanks Holly!

  14. Absolutely beautiful! May I write about it on my blog and borrow your pictures, with a link to your blog?

  15. Great choices and kool style – very interested on how you put the look togethre… am not terribly good at interior decoarting and putting things together – more like hopelessly not stylish or original. Do you know any websites or places where one can post photos and get design suggestions and advice? I have a very difficult living room to decorate combined with specific requests that must be met (my husband loves his 80s reclining sofa which looks pretty aged now… and can not live without it). Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  16. I didn’t see it mentioned, but where is the coffee table from and, if you don’t mind me asking, how much was it? Thanks.

  17. Such a beautiful coffee table. I was wondering where you got it from?

  18. Please….what is the source of that fabulous coffee table? Thanks!

  19. So funny to see this table.
    I had the same one. It was the biggest expense for my home back in 2003.
    We are moving now and the table doesn’t fit in with my interior anymore. I sold for quite a lot of money. Buying design does pay off 😉
    The table is from Linteloo ( Aulia)