Anna Whitford

Anna Whitford, a British textile designer, wrote me to introduce her beautiful collection of interior accessories. Anna sources the highest quality fabrics creating each design individually to ensure that every one of her pieces is a personality in itself. Check out her website, which has just been re-launched, and browse through her collections. Her cushions are gorgeous! Thanks Anna!

4 Responses to Anna Whitford

  1. what gorgeous pillows! i absolutely love them!

  2. Egad. These are amaaaaaaazing. I want every one of them. Scared to check out the link b/c I know they will be pricey. Would love these for the guest house. ~sigh.

  3. Wow! Great for our place, babe! Wondering if you would actually let me use them… 😉

  4. I wouldn’t let my bf use pillows that pretty, in case he fell asleep and started drooling. Been known to happen.

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